Upcycled is the new black

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Taking care of mother earth is a priority we all have to make. We separate our waste and we try to recycle as much as we can. But still there is so much litter. In this blog I will show a couple creative pieces op art made out of waste. And another way to be environmental friendly. These signals give attention to the fact that we have to be more aware of our own garbage.

The first two signals are both related to the fashion industry. Jewelry and dresses are made out of waste. This is a form upcycling. Upcycling is a term I would like to bring more to the fore. As the title of this blog says ‘upcycling is the new black’. Vintage is becoming more and more the trend of the moment (Vogue,2017). I found that real inspiring.

As I said before one of the projects is about upcycled jewelry. This project is called ‘Precious Waste’ and it aims to find out what the value of the old waste in the form of jewelry is. It is created by Mariana Acosta, a true artist. her purpose is to let people rethink materialism and the wasteful nature. She looks at the idea of what the term ‘precious’ is. Also she challenges the old-fashioned with this collection.

Acosta collected waste from all different places in order to experiment with it and to get ideas so she could create something. The experimental process was to try to see what kind of different things you can create with trash. And to transform things, that at first sight will be defined as ugly, to something special and beautiful. Acosta chose for jewelry, her line includes many necklaces. They consist out of a lot of different materials, such as wood. (Design Milk, z.j.)

The second signal about upcycling has also to do with fashion. Fashion with a real message. This project is called ‘The Prophecy’. And is developed by the photographer Fabrice Monteiro. He wants to warn his audience of the consequences of environmental damage.

His photo collection contains several dresses which are completely made out of garbage. The photos portray the African landscape. His models are turned into long creatures of better said ‘monsters’. This is meant to be fictional and to overstate. A lot of the clothes the models wear were actually sourced in trash areas. The garbage monsters pose gloriously in different parts of Africa to represent a grisly view of the world. Monteiro really wants to make a statement, because he is convinced that one day the environmental damage we are causing to the world will have deadly consequences. Although the garbage monsters are only used as a metaphor, they are a horrible reminder of how much waste mankind actually produces. (Hi fructose, z.j.)

This following signal is about paying for footwear with plastic bottles. Say what! A Uruguayan footwear brand ‘MAMUT’ is allowing their customers to pay with discarded plastic bottles. This way the brand wants to make a statement and create awareness around the environmental damage.(Springwise, z.j.)

Just like Monteiro and Acosta. It is very eye-catching that there are so many creators who want to make a statement and to switch on people to be more environmental friendly.

I sincerely think that these inspirational statements are going to make a difference. I do not say we all have to go out in garbage dresses, but it is all about the message behind these creations. We all should be more aware of the amount of garbage we produce. And also wearing vintage clothes does not have to be humiliating. Indeed, the vintage look is becoming more and more popular. And if you present yourself as a environmental friendly person everything will look gorgeous on you. That is the message I would like to convey to everyone. Just be an aware person who loves the earth. That way you will inspire other people.

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